Service for Lawyers

A Trustworthy Teammate

Subject to conflict of interest, D.CHEN LAW accepts retainers and contracts by other legal professionals and law firms on a case by case basis to provide the support and advocacy you need on your team.

Collegiality, Discretion, and Trust

When retained, D.CHEN LAW works for you- and the end client of course. We understand and do not take your trust for granted. We will conduct our work under your instructions and take diligent care to ensure that the end client remains your client (and bluntly, not do anything to take the client away from you).


We can act as third party independent solicitor to help you avoid contentious and frivolous disputes about, for example, the safekeeping of impugned properties. Along the same line, we are also able to host meetings to facilitate mediations and negotiations, particuarly for Mandarin-speaking parties.


D.CHEN LAW frequents the Supreme Court and the Provincial Court for civil and family matters. We thrive and dare to say enjoy the intricate challenges of court advocacy. Whether you need a litigator to take a case to trial or just need a hand with legal research or preparing written submissions, we can be your teammate when you need one.